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Marc Hamilton CEO/Owner

Wifi Spy Cam

Juan Lee IT / Server Specialist


Aishine Electronics Co. Ltd.
Unit P6, Marina Commercial Park
Centre Park Road
Email: info@wifi-spycams.com
Phone: +44 (0) 7565 077 123

What we really do?

We strive to provide customers with a high level of customer care and offer unbiased, jargon free advice. We source only the very best surveillance products and this is reflected by the high quality Products we offer.

Why we are different to others

We keep a fairly low profile and do not widely promote ourselves, and whilst we do provide private and public sectors with various surveillance equipment including custom built requests, we establish our presence by the quality of the products and services and by word of mouth.

Highest Quality Standards

We will only advertise our spy equipment after extensive in-house testing. A product must meet the high quality standards we demand towards performance and reliability. Furthermore, we never exaggerate a product performance or specification above its capabilities.

We are deliberate in every aspect of our culture

At the heart of Victorious is an inherent belief that if we work together, treat one another with respect, and act in the best interest of our customers and team, we will succeed.

What can we do for you ?

We’re driven to becoming the best version of ourselves personally and corporately.

We believe that a culture which prioritizes people will build a thriving company.

We’re accountable to each other and our customers to do what’s right all of the time